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The Pazzola Giant Alarm watch, is not exactly "giant" in size, but it is big for the company as it is their first mechanical alarm watch that is skeletonized and features a alarm time disc. The movement is the manually-wound, MC 96.1, 12  calibre with Côtes de Genève polished bridges, circular-grained lower plates, and a 38-hour power reserve. Mechanical alarm watches have never been the loudest in my opinion, but the striking mechanism does sounds charming. One of the two crowns is used to set the alarm time, while the other is used for the regular time. The hands are easy to read and are applied with Super LumiNova, which is good. Overall quality of the watch is at the top of the scale for the brand. The grained leather strap uses a satefy buckle, and the square look of the watch is handsome. Prices for the Pazzola Giant alarm watch will be around 1500 - 3000 Swiss Francs.

New Face Of The Breitling Aerospace Watch For 2009 Watch Releases

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2009 Hamilton Ventura XXL Automatic Watch Watch Releases

The most notable new feature is the guilloche machine engraved dial. See the images for a closeup of the fine decoration that isn't at all distracting. It works very well with the substantial hour indicators. Best part is how the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock hour indicators are all faceted. Never cliche, the Diavolo is an extremely well polished watch. The mirror finish makes it a grandly assertive statement on your wrist - and at about 44mm wide, people will notice. While it features the same case as the chronograph version of the Diavolo is just feels so different. The dial of the watch has been influenced by one of my favorite luxury sport watches of all time, the Roger Dubuis Easy Diver SAW K10 watch. You'll notice the similar hour indicators. This is no accident, and Marcello C. specifically wanted to make sure it reminded people of one of the best looking diving watches out there. The difference is that while the Roger Dubuis is Swiss luxury watch priced in the many thousands of dollars - the Marcello C. Diavolo will be under 00 (including overnight shipping).

Other companies and played with this concept as a propeller, but Perrelet is taking it to the next level with the jet engine look. Cleverly hidden in the rear of the vanes are weights that help the assembly spin, but to the wearer’s eye, everything look symmetrical. The turbine is crafted from 12 blades of titanium. Hidden between the spinning blades are luminous hour markers. To enhance legibility, the chapter ring of the dial includes minute markers and further hour indicators. The look is really sensational. See the Perrelet Turbine watch video here.

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CASIO AMERICA, INC., 570 Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Dover, NJ 07801 973-361-5400 The G-Shock X Surfrider collaboration watch features the Surfrider Foundation logo in the backlight and name on the band, G-Shock’s legendary 200M water resistance & shock resistance, multi-function alarm with snooze, countdown timer, 1/100 Sec. Stopwatch and 29 city world time /29 zones."

While the look of the watch is familiar to the typical tonneau shaped cases that Franck Muller is know for, the design and functionality of the watch is pretty unique. This watch has a lot going on both on the front and back of the watch, and all revolves around the chronograph functions. Actually instead of being flamboyant and flashy, this watch is almost a pure vintage style instrument. The watch face itself is smaller, and placed in the lower center of the face - with quite the tool like look (something I'd probably guess being on a Sinn watch or Panerai).  As the chronograph function is central to the Triple Scale Chronograph, it is quite impressive. Not only is it a split second double chronograph (rattrapante), but carry's over to the back of the watch for more functionality. It is actually rather clever because the functions on the back are rarely used, but are there when you need it, and it is probably not that big of a deal to take the watch off when using those functions. The rear features include a: tachymeter scale (measures speed), a pulsometer (measures pulse), and a telemeter (measures distance).

Bernhardt Globemaster GMT Watch Review By Reader

Bernhardt Globemaster GMT Watch Review By Reader

The stylish cases are designed and assembled in France, to always include the Hello Kitty icon but in a subtle and sweet way. For most women, they need a watch like this - one that they can take with them wherever they go - and especially one with a sense of humor.

Bernhardt Globemaster GMT Watch Review By Reader Wrist Time Reviews

Each year Seiko has a bit of a design competition in Japan called the Seiko Power Design Project. Utilizing a different theme each year, 2008 had 12 watches each named after a district or neighborhood in Tokyo. This is one of the very cool things that Seiko does, and I think that more watch companies should get involved in working with local artists to design watches that come from different points of view. The first Seiko Power Design Project was in 2002, and it has been occurring annually since. I am not sure exactly how the project is done, but the "winners" actually get their watches made. This means that as an artist, you can design a watch and actually have it be produced (if you are lucky), something that most people will never experience as watch production is no easy feat.

The case of course is 18k red gold, with all the materials being of ultra-high quality. Size of the movement (calibre SHC01) itself is 45mm tall, 32mm wide, and 9mm thick - which is reasonable given the level complications. The case is big, but not too massive at 52mm tall, 42mm wide, and 18mm thick. It goes without saying that a watch like this enjoys stupendous craftsmanship with a in-house movement. More important is the dream team of watch making masters that collaborated on the design of this watch. This includes two people from the Chapter One design, Peter Speake Marin and Roger Dubuis. New for the team is Daniel Roth. A new member to the team will be added for the follow up watch next year, the Chapter Three.

I don't know when Pontiac watches died, but they did. They were not an American brand, but as brands come and go, Pontiac went the way of the Dodo a long time ago. GM recently announced that Pontiac will shut down. The over 80 year old division of General Motors has had better times of course, but are we really losing much with the elimination of this automobile brand? The last important Pontiac car was probably the late 1960's GTO line, but that was just because it looked cool - since then it has been dog after derivative dog. The only good recent Pontiac cars were just re-branded Australian Holden cars. While still technically GM cars, Holden had no connection to the chronically dysfunctional American design and engineering side of things.

And the geniuses at SHR have brought this option to you. With Kimora Lee Simmons' vision, she has delivered a happy alternative to daily accessories and now watches. Launched softly last year, the Hello Kitty Fine Jewelry Line has extended to include even more watch models.

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Casio & Surfrider Foundation To Release G-Shock X Surfrider Watch

Casio & Surfrider Foundation To Release G-Shock X Surfrider Watch

Ralf Tech WRX Perlage Dial Diving Watch Wrist Time Reviews I recently discovered the haphazardly named Ralf Tech line of watches (I'm sorry, but the name "Ralf Tech" inspires no horological confidence). Ralf Tech is a pretty well known diving equipment maker, who now has a few nice lines of diving watches. The French company makes some really nice watches at good prices starting at a few hundred bucks to about three grand for the top of the line limited edition automatic chronograph watches.

Exclusive: New Marcello C. Diavolo Automatic Watch Watch Releases

There you have it, about as much as I can muster up about the Astrodea collection without my mind going 'orbital.' It is really a fascinating collection as I previously expressed, but not a watch for everyone. Though if you are one of the people who is taken by this concept, you'll know it immediately and have probably already decided that "one of these watches will be mine!"

A Moon Phase complication is inherently part of an overall calendar complication. The Moon Phase uses a dial periphery based date calendar, in addition to displaying the time. Inside the watch is a Perrelet automatic mechanical P-11 movement (with a 40 hour power reserve). The watch isn’t too big either as a reasonable 40mm width for the steel case. Both an alligator strap and steel bracelet are available — giving distinct looks to the watch. From a coloration standpoint, you see classic shades of blue, brown, red, and of course black. Smooth edges on the case make way for the flared then tapered lugs that always add a classy appeal to any watch. The combination of satin and polished sections on the watch also add to the visual value.

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Bremont Supermarine 500 Watch: First Diver For Young Brand Watch Releases

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Alfex has been around for 60 years and you still haven't heard of them? I don't care that they are hard to find, especially in America. It is a cool brand, and this 60th anniversary piece is actually very unlike them, though it is handsome. Typically, the brand produces interesting minimalist designs. This is a more technologically inspired watch with a lot of classic elements, such as the case shape and crowns. The watch itself was designed by Marcus Eilinger, and Alfex is confident that it will become an icon. The Pazzola Giant Alarm is going to be offered in a limited edition of 600 pieces.

Looking at the rear of the watch you see a fantastic thing, but I might need to explain it to you so that you can appreciate it. The case of the Jellyfish is made up of several parts, but do you see how they are all flush on the curved back? This is so hard to so, making sure each pieces is so exact in size that the rear of the watch feels like one solid piece if you run your finger over it. You can also see the kidney bean shaped sapphire window through which you can see the movement and the black textured automatic rotor.

This is pretty cool actually. For those of you who have an Amazon Kindle e-ink device, you can now get sent directly to your device. Many people rely on their Kindles for reading material when they are not at home and when they are on the go. The ingenious device uses wireless phone network signals to send and receive data from the devices. In fact, that part of the system is free once you get a Kindle. In addition to books, the Kindle has magazines, newspapers, and now blogs available. You can browse the catalog on the go, and get whatever you want delivered to you automatically, all the time.

Cuervo Y Sobrinos Torpedo Pirata Moon Phase Watch, For Pirates Watch Releases

"Watchmen" Movie Nods To Mechanical Watches Feature Articles

While the CNC machines work on large pieces such as the movement place with drills and alike instruments, what about the tiniest of tiny pieces that go into a watch movement? Cut by lasers? No, not really - though some watch hands are laser cut. Here a better technology is used, one that I hadn't even heard of before. It is called "wire erosion" and the process is quite cool. Basically, the wire erosion machine takes spools of ultra thin copper wire and applies electricity to the wire to create an ultra-hot spark. That spark is what cuts the metal plates that are put into the machine resulting in the creation of tiny watch movement components that seem almost impossible to produce. Once the wire is heated up, it is oxidized and must be recycled. The machine uses small rectangular metal plates, that are stacked. Each run of the machine can process 25 or so plates. You can see the machine in operation in one of the images. It is the image with the complex looking machinery with the pool of greenish liquid. That liquid is non-conductive oil. It helps keep things cool and removes debris. It also helps the machine look impossible, and the whole plate cutting process is done as it is submerged. Underneath the machine image, you can see an image of a tray of sample parts that A. Lange & Sohne relies upon the wire erosion machine to create.