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Model: New Irony Alu Big
Dial: Blue with white and orange designs, date window at 3 o’clock
Case: Aluminum with opaque blue plastic insert and blue crown
Bracelet: Rubberized blue leather with white stitching

When people ask me about getting new mechanical watches for under 0, the first thing out of my mouth is always "get something from a Japanese watch maker like Seiko, Orient, or Citizen." I say this because for the most part, these companies produce the best quality "cheap" mechanical watches. I suppose that also goes for quartz watches, if you are into that. When I talk of quality, I don't just mean the movements, but also the cases, dials, straps, etc... Japanese watches are often the first "real" watches most watch lovers end up getting, and many people (even though seriously into luxury Swiss watches) find themselves buying Japanese watches for years.

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Wellograph Fitness Smartwatch Review Wrist Time Reviews

My understanding is that the movement is a Sellita (ETA clone) typical of this price range. I have not opened the case, so I can’t comment on the finishing. The watch has kept time within a few seconds per day, and has performed flawlessly during its tenure with me thus far. The winding action is very smooth, as is the motion of the second hand.


Functionality-wise, the latest model brings nothing new to the table, as it displays the hours and minutes, the running seconds on a sub-dial at 6 o'clock, the date, and features a flyback chronograph that measures up to 12 hours. Although we have seen this bi-compax layout in numerous other models from IWC, the sub-dial at 12 o'clock that comprises the displays for both the minutes and hours of the chronograph remains a neat detail, as it makes for a more balanced dial, without compromising functionality or legibility.

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This isn't the first time Omega watches have done well in James Bond-themed auctions. Omega has been the official watch of James Bond since Omega's partnership with the franchise that began in 1995, with the release of 007 Goldeneye. Since then, various James Bond actors have worn a series of Omega timepieces in the films. The relationship has been extremely successful for Omega. Fans know that, traditionally, James Bond wore a Rolex, which I believe was actually creator Ian Fleming's intent, as he wrote about 007 wearing a Rolex in at least one of his books.

Martenero is a young company established by two friends Matthew O’Dowd and John Tarantino in New York City. What makes the brand stand out most, beyond being one of the very few more interesting US-based watch companies of the moment, is that it maintains a sub-0 price range and yet offers customizable and high quality mechanical watches. What this customization specifically means is that on their website one can either choose from finished designs, or can personally choose the color of the seconds hand and the dial, as well as a combination of black or brown leather and some colorful NATO straps.

ABTW: That is a pretty special watch, given who it came from. How did you return the favor?

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Wellograph Fitness Smartwatch Review Wrist Time Reviews

1. Ikepod really began in 1993-1994, when Oliver Ike, a Swiss businessman who also worked in the furniture industry, hired Marc Newson to design wrist watches for a new "unconventional brand." Ike had become familiar with Newson as a designer because of some of his furniture design work.

JK: I got it from a guy in Palm Springs.

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"Space Pirate" is the nickname MB&F has given to their sixth Horological Machine timepiece, which will exist as a limited edition of 50 pieces in this particular titanium-cased version. While the Geneva-based, avant-garde, high-end watch maker MB&F has been focused on slightly more accessible models (relatively speaking) over the last few years when it comes to the majority of their Horlogical Machine and Legacy Machine pieces, the MB&F HM6 is a return to the sky in terms of both price and design. Inspired by a 1970s era Japanese animation cartoon and the design school of biomorphism, the MB&F HM6 Space Pirate is the latest thrilling ride from MB&F.

And yes, then there are Jack's watches - hundreds of primo Omega models spanning the entirety of the storied manufacture's history - personally curated over decades by one of the most passionate, personally driven Omega collectors I've ever come across. Be careful if you ever visit Jackmond, as you might fall into a horological black hole. Stepping into his lair, the elegant and refined yet humble Khorsandi plies his visitors with delicious espresso and unbelievable aged whiskey, and then takes them on a tour of Omega through his expert lens of connoisseurship - from the iconic lines and models to pieces so rare and cherished, they could have come from the archives of the Omega Museum itself (in fact, Khorsandi  has collaborated with and donated to that institution frequently).

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The logo is well-placed, and I am definitely a fan of the font used to print "Los Angeles, CA" on the dial as well - gives the watch a sort of art deco vibe. The one item on the dial I am not as big a fan of is at 3 o'clock. I hear you saying, "But wait, there isn't anything there!" And you are right. There isn't, which leaves the subseconds dial over at 9 feeling a little unbalanced. Sometimes, that is the nature of the beast with watch design. Here, though, we have a north-south symmetry, and my eye really was craving the same for east-west.

Once in place, the 124g watch fit snugly to my wrist. As the case is just over 13mm tall, and has no external protuberances, it slips very nicely under a shirt cuff – and back out again to check the time or, you know, just show off the design on your wrist. I have a co-worker who is a gearhead and is into watches, and this one definitely elicited a very positive reaction. As for myself, I rather enjoyed the novelty (and ingenuity) of how you interact with the movement.

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In a sense, the fact that I had never heard of VerticalScope is probably a good thing. I would have more than likely heard about the company in a negative context, where people might complain about what they do to sites they acquire or criticize their monetization policies. That the company has been able to stay under-the-radar is perhaps the best testament to their management policies which make forum users feel nothing has changed about the place they enjoy frequenting. Ernie's determined vision in building Watchuseek further makes it difficult to fathom that he would have sold his website to an entity that did not share his vision or, at the least, would be able to perpetuate what he and his team worked so hard to build.

We've seen a lot of unique solutions to sound issues over the last few years and non is far and away "the best." Some watches have gongs directly attached to the sapphire crystal and others have special resonance chambers. With the Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater Carbon, you have a relatively straight-forward solution, and that is to use carbon fiber as the case material. This isn't actually the first time Hublot has paired a minute repeater with a carbon fiber case, but I believe the previous model was with a King Power case and a movement that also included a chronograph. It looks much more elegant here with the Classic Fusion case.

UK-based Uniform Wares has made a name for itself with modern watches designed with sterile dials (no text) and slick looks that are based on classic timepiece design principles. For a while, Uniform Wares has teased a move to a complete "Swiss Made" production, and now at the end of 2014, the re-vamped collection of all Swiss Made Uniform Wares products is available. Yes, it does mean a slight hike in Uniform Wares watches prices, but it should also mean a hike in overall quality and finishing.

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Our hand-selected and expertly curated treasure trove of luxury watches is yours for the night; hands-on is the rule, not the exception. Watches are meant to be worn, and full-dress tryouts are the centerpiece of our events. Want to know how a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 looks and feels on your wrist? Try it and find out.

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We keep going back to these historical documents and study them closely to find, say, if the crown is original, the dial, the bracelet. Sometimes that's all we have to go on. We look at the straps to see what kind of buckle they used. When you're that crazy about something, you go that deep. And the more information I give out, the more people get interested in the brand.

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We previously mentioned that it was an oddity for Rolex to release a timepiece outside of their normal Baselworld watch trade show schedule. Rolex admits it was a unique thing for them to do, but praised the overall goal of the project and their desire to try new things. Rolex is a brand with an image so strong that many agree it is their main job is to preserve rather than promote. At the same time, any company interested in keeping the hearts and minds of its customers close must always offer something new.

A few thoughts before our review of the Tudor Heritage Ranger watch. I think that deep down, under all of the elements that make up our individual tastes and preferences, we all want an honest watch that is built to last. We may obsess over, seek out, and pay dearly for more features, but in reality, few of us are divers, perhaps fewer pilots, and do you really need a chronograph, worldtimer, or moonphase? If we take the sport watch and distill it down to its essential elements we are left with a solid steel case, a reliable automatic movement and a legible dial with ample lume for when it's dark.

An amazing set, the question is whether or not the 58 NOS Breitling watches from the 1970s are worth 5,000 (again, you can click here to see the auction while it is going on). You have a combination of many models, including Breitling Superocean, Datora, Navitimer, Chronomat, and more. Most of the watches are mechanical – nearly all of them chronographs – with a few interesting quartz models as well (there are perhaps two quartz models). I love how even the original prices are on the backs of the watches. So, 5,000? Probably not, which is good, because you can make a "Best Offer." I would, however, say that this collection is certainly worth the price of a really nice new Mercedes Benz.

Audemars Piguet & Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests At Art Basel 2014

Audemars Piguet & Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests At Art Basel 2014
Audemars Piguet & Theo Jansen's Strandbeests At Art Basel 2014 ABTW Interviews
Theo Jansen conversing with patrons of the Strandbeest Audemars Piguet pavilion at Art Basel, 2014