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Mastercard Paypass uses a technology called EMV which is the result of a collaboration between Europay, Mastercard and Visa. This contactless payment system is not NFC (Near Field Communication) based but rather relies on its own platform. The watch-borne side of the equation is a small chip that is powered passively by the vendor's reader and then communicates via RFID in a similar manner to credit cards that have the modern "chip and pin" system. Unfortunately, the Watch2pay relies on a connection to a Mastercard prepaid account and not a traditional credit account. Not only will this account need to be pre-loaded with funds, but the Watch2pay can only authorize payments of up to . Larger purchases or scenarios where a Paypass terminal is not available will need to be done with the included traditional Mastercard Prepaid card. The upside is that you can use the watch as a sort of pre-paid gift card gift.

Each of the watches will be auctioned off for charity, and the winners will get the watches presented to them by the boxers themselves. It would be more fun if it also included a few round in the ring with them. Tyson is on the list!

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On the wrist, the ALT1-WT's 43mm width and 139g weight (with leather strap and deployment) is quite manageable and I think the World Timer wears a little slimmer than its 16mm height would suggest. The dial is a flat black and exhibits a subtle but effective globe design which is carried over from the aforementioned C-17 Globemaster. While I was at first skeptical of the design, in person it adds depth and character to the World Timer and sets the ALT1-WT apart from the other chronographs in the Bremont family. This is not a cheap watch and it is these sorts of details, from the hardened case to the detailed design and fine finishing which set the Bremont apart from a less expensive watch or even many of the watches available at a similar price point.

Bezel: Polished Magic Gold or satin-finished Titanium

The triple date is a super useful complication, though to be honest I don't much use the moon phase.

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Fashion editors and people of those ranks continue to sully the watch world with their questions on style trends and what is going be hot for spring and summer. Brands like to have the people writing for mass audience consumer publications that they advertise in come to the watch shows because it would be awesome for them to get some actual editorial coverage. That unfortunately isn’t going to happen because the average writer and reader of those publications doesn’t know about or care about watches (for the most part, and there are some really great notable exceptions). Unless they are colorful under watches which do get a fair amount of coverage it seems. I am actually glad that the fashion people are there because I want them to see the world I love so much, but my advice to watch brands is to stop pretending that you are fashion brands. Be stalwart that you release nice new watches each year based on a range of factors that hopefully don’t include fashion trends or what is going to look “so hot” in the fall with orange and brown. I know I sound like a snob saying that, but that isn’t what makes this industry tick. This is an industry of half marketing people, have engineers. Each focused on making marketable wrist machines that tell the time for a long time. These items aren’t meant to be (for the most part) disposable, and are intended as lifetime investments. The current fashion industry is about disposable clothes and quickly changing color and style trend announcements so that they have something to actually “write” (list) about. That just doesn’t meld with the watch industry, and I hope it never does.

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One completely non-electronic optional feature for the safes is a unique historical element made in Switzerland, not America. The Chronos collection can have a mechanical triple redundant time lock (,250 option). This is located on the inner door and is a mechanical override lock that can shut anyone out of the Chronos for up to 144 hours. The three mechanical timers run together and are redundant to ensure it still operates if one or more fails. Say you want to leave for a weekend or longer and are afraid your maid has the code to your safe? You can set the time lock for the requisite number of hours and safely leave. No one using a code or anything else can open the safe until the time runs out.

Vacheron Constantin opted to go with an 18k yellow gold case - which is actually rare given that you see very few gold watches in America that are done in yellow gold. The case is very pretty with a fine polished on its surfaces. Vacheron Constantin maintains the tilted movement look with the crown being right above 12 o'clock, which on this watch is at the 1:30 or so position.

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The Chapter Three watch is 42mm wide and this year comes in an 18k rose gold or white gold case. The dial is blue with gold accents and hands, while it comes attached to a black strap with blue contrast stitching. On the wrist the piece is classic - and probably one of the most wearable Maitres du Temps watches to date. While the Chapter One is technically very impressive, it is much too long for most wrists. In a more traditional round-case skin, the Chapter Three does not have that problem.

Going back to the dial you have a lot of things going on - even though it looks pretty simple. There appears to be a lower level with a textured silver background on the bottom of the face. While everything looks rather large, the hands are a bit puny. Cacheux seems to make an artistic statement with the strangely put hour indicators, but I find the dial hard to read. I think Fabien wanted to emphasis other parts of the dial for design purposes and only dedicate part of the dial to telling the time. This is apparent when realizing that the huge diamond would totally block the path of the hands if they were larger. So I get what needed to be done, but I still think dial space could have been utilized a bit better to make the watch dial itself more legible. The hands also seem to look like mini Royal Oak or Nautilus hands.

Like millions of other blogs out there, is WordPress-based. That makes it extra special to me that the guy who developed this software is into what I am into. At the San Francisco WordPress Wordcamp Hack Day, Matt is seen above wearing a Bell & Ross BR01-92 Radar. I first discussed it here. The original one from about 2009 where Bell & Ross first swapped hands for moving discs to tell the hours, minutes, and seconds. What a perfect picture of Mullenweg (taken by Sheri Bigelow). Watch on wrist, WordPress logo on hoodie, and hand on computer. All that's missing is jazz music and a serious camera.

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Romain Jerome PAC-MAN Watches

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Inside each of the watches are Japanese quartz movements. Most pieces have the time with the date, but there are also time only and day/date models available. One Cross Palatino model does have a mechanical movement (also likely Japanese). Japanese quartz movements are fine and reliable for watches such as this. Like I said, there are at least two or three dozen new Cross watches for 2012. With strong designs and masculine dimensions, these are a solid value for the money and should make for a decent watch for yourself or as a gift. Prices are from about 0 - 5.

Boegli Grand Opera Limited Edition Watch

Boegli Grand Opera Limited Edition Watch

Rolex Datejust II

I'm particularly struck by the classic diameter. The RGM 160 feels restrained and classic. Stylish, not fashionable, and I would wager long odds it'll feel the same when your grandchildren inherit it. This is a watch for the ages. List price is ,300 on a strap and ,950 on the bracelet shown. That's not cheap, though to be fair, it's a fraction of what you'd pay for most comparable Swiss watches.

The E Ink watch saga continues over at Phosphor as their World Time watch (that I reviewed here) gets turned into the World Time Sport. This less expensive model gets a bit more hip and loses its buttons. It it hard to visually miss this all-white model, and you'll also find that Phosphor offers the World Time Sport in all black and in a black case with orange strap version. I think E Ink is more than ready for mainstream.

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One of the noticeable aspects of the Everest EH-1 Band is that it stretches slightly and has a somewhat spongy feel. Despite the sponginess, the strap is made of medical-grade silicone and is vulcanized like all other rubber straps found on quality Swiss watches.  Additionally, the Everest EH-1 Band has two coatings; one that is a surface finish and another that is an anti-microbial coating. Unlike the RubberB strap which does not stretch much, the Everest EH-1 Band rubber gives/stretches slightly when there is tension on the strap which is great on hot days when wrists swell. Also, the silicone used in the Everest EH-1 Band is formulated to look new years down the road, and is impervious to heat.  With the RubberB strap, I gently heated it with a stove lighter to make it conform around my wrist as the RubberB strap feels stiffer than Everest’s. In doing the same procedure with the Everest EH-1 Band, it sprung back to its original flat shape.  In Italy, I discovered that the springiness was an advantage as the heat would expand and contract my wrist size and the strap would just accommodate changes in wrist size.

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Inside the Stirrup Chronograph is a movement produced by Swiss Jaeger-LeCoultre, called the caliber RL 750. This automatic caliber has the time and 12 hour chronograph with a 48 hour power reserve. Jaeger-LeCoultre makes watches and movements, and is a very well respected movement maker. It should be seen as a benefit to have this movement in the watch. As of now, the most complex movements in Ralph Lauren watches are produced by Jaeger-LeCoultre. Piaget and IWC make the other ones.

Besides this small nitpick, I would say that if you want a timeless classic that you can wear everyday for the rest of your life while lifting your spirits and confidence, then the Rolex GMT-Master II is the watch to consider getting.  It won't be unique and you can expect to see a few others wearing it at a wedding or the next business meeting… However, you can also rest assured that you are wearing a superbly crafted timepiece that is simply superlative.

Bulgari Octo Maserati Watch Hands-On

Bulgari Octo Maserati Watch Hands-On

It is my opinion that there is a Casio for everyone. Not only are there a lot of Casio watches available at any given time, but at least one model looks good on pretty much everyone. For this reason I really think that most people need to have at least one Casio watch in their collection. They make good beater watches, are hip and stylish, and are a passable way to wear an inexpensive watch in a setting were plastic just isn't ordinarily acceptable.